Creating a voice for the Disability Sector
Creating a voice for the Disability Sector
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National disability sector professional development and practice survey

Creating a Voice for the Disability Sector

Here in Australia, we’re fortunate to have so much support for people living with Disabilities. The NDIS work tirelessly and do their best to support the sector. Many people in different parts of the world are not as fortunate as us. The National Disability Sector Professional Development and Practice Survey is a vehicle to support NDIS with accelerating positive change.

COVID-19 has increased the levels of dis-connection between Providers, Carers and Participants. Now that we’re re-emerging, it’s time we assess and understand not just the impact COVID-19 has had on the sector, but how well equipped Providers and Carers are, to support Participants and deliver the highest levels of service. 

The National Disability Sector Professional Development and Practice Survey gives you the opportunity to have your voice heard. For you to tell us how you’ve been affected by COVID-19, what you feel could be improved and how accessible and relevant training is for you, so you can provide the highest levels of service.

Our goal is to have more than 1000 Providers, Participants, Carers and Guardians take the survey during this period. 

By completing this survey, you’ll not just have your voice heard, we’ll be compiling a report highlighting the key findings and it will then formulate recommendations. These recommendations will form the backbone of the National Disability Sector Professional Leadership Body, as a framework of areas to improve. Together with industry experts, we will work together to identify key projects to work on, to bring about much needed changes in the Sector together. 

Get involved today and spread this with everyone you know in this Sector.

Disclaimer & Privacy Statement

Your contact details are appreciated to ensure we can provide you with the outcomes and report following our survey. No individual identifying information will be shared when the results are collated, analysed and the outcomes report developed. Your individual responses are not shared with anyone else without your permission. No organisation or individual is identified in any way in the survey outcomes and report.

Survey Objectives

This is a preliminary survey to gauge sector and community strengths, trends, issues and challenges and will support further development of research projects. The data from this survey will be analysed and delivered as a report that will be published and free to the sector and community. After key topics are identified through this survey, there will be industry and community invitation to join consultation and steering committees and sector professional leadership platforms to oversee further research, projects and works

What People are Saying


    "We have really grown our NDIS community since exhibiting at the service provider expo. We were able to meet likeminded businesses who we have worked with to ensure we are providing the best possible care for our participants."


    "As a result of being at the expo we have seen a significant increase in clients engaging with us for our complimentary Discovery Sessions in our clinics across WA and many clients have now onboarded to our services."