Creating a voice for the Disability Sector
Creating a voice for the Disability Sector

Perth Disability Connection Expo 2022

  • Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre
  • 12th – 13th August 2022
  • 10am – 4pm both days

Are you a participant, carer or family member looking
to understand how to navigate the NDIS?

With around 41,000 West Australians receiving NDIS help - and with about 22,000 people with disabilities accessing the scheme for the first time in that state - searching through the hundreds of providers to connect with THE right one with the right products and services can be daunting, which is why our 2022 Disability Connection Expos are so vital.

Event Details
21 Mounts Bay Rd, Perth WA 6000,
Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre
12th – 13th August 2022
Quiet Time
10:00 am - 10:45 am
Free to Attend
Covid Safe

Don’t you just wish you had an NDIS expert you could turn to to discuss your most troublesome and burning issues? A real person, in real time and get a direct answer, not the runaround?

Well, if you're after that type of support, then we'd love to invite you to the Perth Disability Connection Expo 2022, sponsored by St Jude’s Health Care Services on August 12 and 13 at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre where we guarantee real experts can and will help you.

At this Developing Australian Communities expo we will have more than 200 experienced exhibitors who will be on hand to address any and every NDIS question, all under one roof.

We will have a clear COVID policy venue to keep you safe and with that in mind, we have come up with a whole range of unique and innovative ways for providers to connect with the experts with the solutions.

We've gathered a panel of NDIS experts so if you are struggling with answers, bring your questions to the NDIS Q&A Concierge Desk, no matter how big or small or complicated.

You will also be able to access our NDIS Q&A Concierge desk, facilitated by experts where visitors can go for answers to any of their burning NDIS questions and we will even be doing lots of live streaming over the two days so participants who aren’t there know about you.

Centrestage will come alive when we showcase a wide range of all the exhibitors and a diverse range of services that they bring to the table.

A whole host of fun things like hair braiding, balloon artists, inflatable courses and more!

Plus, we will even be doing lots of live streaming over the two days so participants who aren’t there know about you.

Let us shine the light on your business or your problematic NDIS question at the Perth Disability Connection Expo 2022.

So if you're looking to kickstart 2022 in the perfect way, by engaging quality conversations and meaningful connections, register HERE today.

Why is this a must-attend expo?

Get answers to your
NDIS questions

Many NDIS Participants, Carers and Family members have questions about their funding, how it works and who to work with. We have Q&A Concierge Desks, 1:1 meeting rooms and an online booking system for you to search and find helpful Providers and Exhibitors

Clarity on your NDIS Funding Plan

Connect with informed and experienced Providers that can give you certainty so that you’re informed, educated and you can make the best decisions for your situation.

Have some fun!

We’ve designed the expo to include loads of entertainment (face painters, balloon artists, hair braiders and more), hourly performances and lots of chill out areas so you can enjoy your time, not just access information.

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What People are Saying


    “The expo is, basically for us, because we just, we love to connect with people and this is a better place: this is just a grand place where you can meet with a lot of people, you can make a lot of connections and it's a very big shout out for our company when we get to show what exactly we are providing and what we are offering.”


    “The expo is definitely very good exposure and a very good environment: Open space, meeting different participants. There are heaps of participants asking how to apply for NDIS and also asking what services we can provide. So we got to help the participants.”


    “The expo is beautiful! Lots of people are coming who are desperate (for NDIS solutions). Now I can understand that Brisbane needs lots of services. We'll be here soon - our office will be here (in Brisbane) soon.”


    “It feels like there's so much more, so many more providers here this year, and it's really good to see so many different providers providing all sorts of different supports. It's been amazing, great! Well done guys. Love it.”


    “We really, really love this particular expo. There's something that you guys do that's really special. I think that whole developing of community just shines through and that's the most important thing for us: We're about community all the time, about making sure that our young people are connecting in community and supported and so, we can feel that in this kind of space and we love being a part of it, so, we are really grateful to be here.”


    “It's been fun and we even go dancing and singing over there. It's been a great experience for us because this is the first year we are participating in this. We tried last year, but we just were too late. So we're looking forward to more years, actually!”


    “It's been so busy we have been struggling to keep up, honestly. The great thing about this expo is that we have everything under one roof here. People can come and just explore all different aspects of services,specialised goods etc, so it’s just great for the people coming to the expo.So it's just great for the people coming to the expo. We will definitely be back as a major sponsor next year.”


    “It's been such an amazing turnout. I've been so amazed even just by the mood of everybody here. Everyone is so welcoming and so excited about the different options here available. All the exhibitors have been so friendly. It's been just a wonderful experience so far.”


    “Oh, it's amazing. It's so refreshing to see a consistent stream of people coming through… every one I've attended it's just getting bigger and better as we go. So well done. Great job. And we love being here. It's been very busy and you know we just love seeing familiar faces and helping people get the support though they need, or at least give them information to get the support they need.”


    “It's been awesome, we've met so many great people, and a lot of participants have come up to say hello. We've actually found a lot of people coming over just to ask generalised questions. Sometimes they're just not quite sure on who to actually talk to, so they've come, taken a seat and we've just been having a bit of a chat about what supported independent living actually is, and what short term accommodation is as well, because some people are not quite sure what the difference is. It's been great really talking to the participants and their guardians as well around that.”

    Event Participants
    Exhibitors and displays from
    service providers

    We have invited and will be showcasing a diverse range of exhibitors:

    • Over 15,000 Service Providers, Professionals, Capacity Building Experts, Therapy, Early Intervention and Disability Focused Aged and Child Care options Australia-wide have been invited to exhibit.
    • Up to 200 exhibitor spaces will be available and there will be a diverse range for you to find that perfect fit option for you, your loved ones, or those you support or work with.
    • There will also be a focus on resource options, equipment and therapeutic services.
    • The more diverse the range of Service Providers, the more valuable and attractive the expo is for Participants and visitors.
    Event Participants
    Connection sessions with service providers
    Want to sit down and talk to some of the Service Providers over the two days of Expo 2022?
    • Don’t just walk past tables and gather pamphlets.
    • Meeting spaces with an online booking facility to make appointments with participating Providers you would like to speak to directly will be available each day.
    • Arrange a sit-down and talk to some potential Providers to find that perfect fit for you.
    • Providers with capacity will have 20-30 minute appointment times. Attendees can book on either of the two days to find out more in a safe and no-pressure setting.
    • Traveling around having meetings with different Providers usually takes time. Meet a few on the same day and make it a little easier to compare and find the right ones for you.

    This might be your chance to find that great option you have been looking for!


    Products and services you'll find at the expos

    • Accommodation / Tenancy Assistance
    • Assistance Animals
    • Assistance in Coordinating or Managing Life Stages, Transitions And Supports
    • Assistance to Access and Maintain Employment or Higher Education
    • Assistance with Daily Life Tasks in a Group or Shared Living Arrangement
    • Assistance with Travel/Transport Arrangements
    • Assistive Equipment for Recreation
    • Assistive Products for Household Tasks
    • Assistive Products for Personal Care and Safety
    • Assistive Technology and Equipment Registration Groups
    • Communication and Information Equipment
    • Community Nursing Care
    • Customised Prosthetics
    • Daily Personal Activities
    • Development of Daily Living and Life Skills
    • Early Intervention Supports for Early Childhood
    • Exercise Physiology and Personal Training
    • Group and Centre Based Activities
    • Hearing Equipment
    • Hearing Services
    • High Intensity Daily Personal Activities
    • Home and Vehicle Modification registration Groups
    • Home Modifications
    • Household Tasks
    • Innovative Community Participation
    • Interpreting and Translation
    • Management of Funding for Supports in Participants’ Plans
    • Participation in Community, Social and Civic Activities
    • Personal Mobility Equipment
    • Professional Registration Groups
    • Specialised Disability Accommodation
    • Specialised Driver Training
    • Specialised Hearing Services
    • Specialised Support Coordination
    • Specialised Supported Employment
    • Specialist Positive Behaviour Support
    • Therapeutic Supports
    • Vehicle Modifications
    • Vision Equipment

    Confirmed service providers

    • 111CARE
    • Aastha Community Services
    • Abbicare
    • Ability Action Australia
    • Ability Heroes
    • Ability WA
    • Activ Foundation
    • Access Foundation WA
    • Adelphi Living
    • Afford
    • AiiM CHOICES
    • Alpha Carers Australia Pty Ltd
    • Alinea Inc.
    • Alzheimer's WA
    • AME
    • Amiable Community Care
    • AnglicareWA
    • APM Employment Services
    • Assist Plan Managers
    • Aspire Hub
    • Assign
    • AT Chat
    • Auscare Group
    • atWork Australia
    • Barkers Bedding and Furniture
    • BedShed
    • Behaviour Support Services
    • Better Rehab
    • Big Stoinka Adventures
    • Bright Hope Care
    • Black Swan Health
    • Blue Cove Group Pty Ltd
    • Body Agility
    • Cahoots
    • Casson Homes
    • Carers Plus
    • Certifii
    • Choice Health & Wellbeing Group
    • Cocoon SDA Homes
    • Compassion Support Services
    • Collective Hope Disability Services
    • Complex Support Coordination
    • Community Housing Limited
    • Concentric Rehab
    • Community Vision
    • D&H Holistic Care Services
    • Developing Australian Communities
    • Department of Communities - NDIS Worker Screening Unit
    • Directions Disability Support Services
    • DNA Health and Wellness
    • Domayne Bedding City West
    • Down Syndrome WA
    • DPS Publishing
    • Dreamcare Support
    • Dr Tim Fennell Counselling - Control Stress Easy
    • Drake Medox
    • Dwelcom
    • Ebikers
    • Edge Employment Solutions
    • Edmen Community Housing
    • EKE Equine Kinship
    • Empowered Therapy
    • Epilepsy Smart School Programs
    • Enable WA
    • Encara
    • Enabled Designs
    • Explorability
    • Everyday Independence
    • EverAbility Group
    • eZaango Care Partners
    • FAS Foundation
    • First Step Solutions
    • Footwear Solutions
    • Forward Focused Group
    • Forrest Personnel
    • Garnet Disability
    • Good Sammy Enterprises
    • Guardian Nursing Agency
    • Hafele
    • Heather Apparel
    • Health N Home
    • HenderCare
    • Helping Solutions
    • Heyhubble
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    • Housing Hub
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    • Ignite Community Network
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    • Integrated and Empowerment Services
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    • Living My Best Life - Richmond Wellbeing
    • Maxima Joblink
    • Maple Community Services
    • MatchWorks
    • Melior
    • Meaningful Movement
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    • Mosaic Community Care
    • My Flex Health
    • My Voice My Choice
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    • My Way Community Alliance Inc.
    • National 360
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    • Nightingale Home Healthcare P/L
    • NDIS
    • NDIS Quality & Safeguards Commission
    • NDSP Plan Managers
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    • Special Olympics
    • Stablemindz
    • St. Jude’s NDIS
    • State Wide Community Services
    • Stay Well Disability Services
    • Sunflower Care Services
    • SuperYou Therapy
    • Supports in Sync
    • Technology For Ageing And Disability WA
    • The Spoonie Society
    • Tourette Syndrome Association of Australia
    • Top End Allied Health Services
    • Tuley
    • Uniting WA
    • Universal Support Services Australia
    • Vera Living
    • Your Choice Disability Plan Management
    • WizeTherapy
    • What Ability
    • Wheelchair Sales Australia
    • Workpower
    • Zion Care

    Our national events

    Sydney Expo 2022

    Sydney Disability Connection Expo 2022

    1st – 2nd July 2022
    International Convention Centre Sydney
    Perth Expo 2022

    Perth Disability Connection Expo 2022

    Sponsored by St. Jude’s NDIS
    12th – 13th August 2022
    Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre
    Brisbane Expo 2023

    Brisbane Disability Connection Expo 2023

    3rd – 4th March 2023
    Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre
    Melbourne Expo 2023

    Melbourne Disability Connection Expo 2023

    21st – 22nd April 2023
    Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
    LITE N' EASY GIVEAWAY - TERMS & CONDITIONS: Register as a visitor to go into the draw. - Must be present at the Expo on the first day to claim your prize - Sydney July 1st, Perth August 5th. The prize is not redeemable for cash or transferable. Credit will be applied to the winner’s account based on our 1200 Calorie 7-day Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner plan which is valued at $320.

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