Welcome to the Perth Disability Service Provider & Participant Connection Expo 2021
Presented by

Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre

  • Where: 21 Mounts Bay Rd, Perth WA 6000, Australia
  • When: Friday 11th – Saturday 12th June 2021
  • Time: 10am - 4pm both days
  • Cost: Free

Are you a Participant, Carer or Family Member looking
to understand how to navigate the NDIS?

This Disability Expo has been designed to provide an environment in which Participants, Carers and Family members and NDIS Service Providers can connect and engage. 

COVID-19 has created a year of disconnect, confusion and uncertainty. The Perth Service Provider & Participant Connection Expo 2021 Presented by Afford is an opportunity for NDIS Participants and loved ones to come together, find answers to questions and connect with Service Providers that can help. 

More than 130 providers as well as a tailored Q&D Concierge service will be on hand to help you navigate the complexities of the NDIS, answer questions, and help you understand your plan. This Expo will take the frustration out of exhaustive searches for the right services. 

Visit the stands, gather information and also arrange 1:1 meetings with Service Providers. This free event, held over two days, is the perfect opportunity to be guided through the NDIS process and find the solutions you need.

With over 120 exhibitors, we’re covering a wide range of NDIS topics including:
  • Accommodation Services
  • Therapeutic Building Services
  • Direct Disability Support
  • Specialised Disability Accommodation
  • Support Coordination
  • Plan Management
  • Specialist Behaviour Support
  • Transport / Mobility
  • Assistive, Mobility Equipment and Products
  • Aged Care
  • Health Services
  • School and Education
  • Early Childhood
  • Skills Development Services
  • Group based Services and Programs
  • Community Participation
  • Home / Vehicle Modifications
  • Household Tasks
  • Advocacy
  • Family and Carer Support / Services
  • Supported Independent Living and Related Services
  • NDIS
  • Training and Development
  • Services and Support for Service Providers
  • Personal Activities
  • Daily Task/Shared Living
  • Assist Recreation
  • Assist-Life Stage, Transition
  • Community Nursing Care
  • Footwear Specialties
  • Manage Funding
  • Cleaning Services
  • Plus, more and more exhibitors are joining everyday increasing the breadth of services available to talk to.

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    Why is this a Must-Attend Expo?

    Get answers to your NDIS questions

    Many NDIS Participants, Carers and Family members have questions about their funding, how it works and who to work with. We have Q&A Concierge Desks, 1:1 meeting rooms and an online booking system for you to search and find helpful Providers and Exhibitors.

    Clarity on your NDIS Funding Plan

    Connect with informed and experienced Providers that can give you certainty so that you’re informed, educated and you can make the best decisions for your situation.

    Have some fun!

    We’ve designed the expo to include loads of entertainment (face painters, balloon artists, hair braiders and more), hourly performances and lots of chill out areas so you can enjoy your time, not just access information.

    Quotes from Previous Expo Visitors

    • Our first time at the expo, great experience, will be back!!

      Kelly Jacob

    • Great and wonderful service, thank you!

      Ana Maria Birch

    • Had a great time and amazing services!

      Rodrigo Salas

    • Had amazing fun day. Afford was the best. So much fun, free stuff.

      Rebecca Preedy

    • Cant wait till next time. Selina is the bomb!!!

      Carolyn Perry

      Join us for this amazing event for our sector in 2021. It will be a welcome return to connecting people with Disabilities and NDIS Providers, Allied Health, Early Intervention and Disability/Complex Case Services for Aged and Child Care again after such a huge year of disconnect due to COVID-19.

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      • Afford
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        • Ebikers

          NDIS Disability Service Provider, Early Intervention, Allied Health, Capacity Building, Therapeutic, Disability/Complex Case Services for Aged and Child Care

          • Friday 11th – Saturday 12th June 2021
          • 10am - 4pm both days

          This event will be free for the community to attend. Over two huge days you can find Service Providers, reconnect and:

          • Ask all those questions you have about NDIS and navigate your plans, funds and options.
          • If you are applying for the NDIS, are new to NDIS or have a current NDIS plan, are looking for service options or have questions you need to ask, then this event is a must attend event for 2021.

          We have done away with the traditional show-case model and have created an event where Participants and their families can:

          • View Service Provider displays on the day.
          • Meet Providers and discuss their situations 1:1 with meeting spaces available for participating Providers.
          • Ask questions and be guided by our team of concierge Support Coordinators from Queensland’s leading service providers, to explain, answer questions, review possibilities and then guide you.

          Don’t just browse tables! There will be an online booking system for Participants to book face to face meetings with Service Providers of their choice over the two days to find out more and see who may be a good fit for them.

          Exhibitors Booth
          girl playing on a inflatable playground
          three person on a wheelchair
          • exhibitor booth
          • Child playing on a inflatable playground
          • three person on a wheelchair

            Free Concierge NDIS Expert Staff Available on Both Days

            A team of concierge staff will be available on the day free for all those attending to:

            • Support people new to NDIS, looking at applying to NDIS or approved.
            • Review and support those seeking to connect with the right services and options.
            • Answer any questions, especially if you aren’t sure what service options are out there, are unsure who to talk to, how to use your plan or would just like support on the day to find options and connect with some of those Service Providers attending.
            • Look through your NDIS plans if you aren’t sure of how they work and what you can use your funding on, what the different sections mean and help you find the options you have been looking for.
            Visitors will find a team staffed by Support Coordinators and Professionals from various Service Providers in Western Australia and around Australia and around Australia. This is a free service and available over both days of the expo to the community.

            There are no silly questions. The team will be there to support you.

            DAC Concierge

            Exhibitors and Displays from Service Providers

            We have invited and will be showcasing a diverse range of exhibitors:

            • Over 15,000 Service Providers, Professionals, Capacity Building Experts, Therapy, Early Intervention and Disability Focused Aged and Child Care options Australia-wide have been invited to exhibit.
            • Up to 150 exhibitor spaces will be available and there will be a diverse range for you to find that perfect fit option for you, your loved ones, or those you support or work with.
            • There will also be a focus on resource options, equipment and therapeutic services.

            We have engaged a National PR firm to ensure our event gets full media coverage throughout Australia to increase opportunities to bring our community the best Service Providers we can and ensure maximum attendance over the full two days.

            Confirmed Service Providers That Are Attending

            • 4lifeskills
            • A Simple Patch
            • Adelphi Living
            • Afford
            • Afford Sensory Station
            • AimBig EMPLOYMENT
            • Alinea
            • Arch Association
            • Aruna Rehabilitation Service
            • Ascend Health Group
            • ASDA Provider Group
            • Assist Plan Managers
            • Australian Communities
            • Aus Care Group
            • Autism Association of Western Australia
            • Bertram Cottage Respite
            • Better Life Home Care
            • Better Rehab
            • Blue Cove Group
            • Brightwater
            • Cahoots
            • Carers Plus
            • Casson Homes Communities
            • Certifii
            • Claro
            • Claudette Swift Buyers Agent
            • Concentric Healthcare Services
            • Crosslinks
            • Directions Disability Support Services
            • DPS Publishing
            • Dwelcom (formerly Maincom Services)
            • Ebikers
            • Enable WA
            • Freedom Motors Australia
            • Forward Focused Group
            • Future Living Trust
            • Garnet Disability
            • Good Sammy Enterprises
            • Greenwood Physios Marketing Department
            • Harmony Recruitment Agency Pty Ltd
            • HenderCare
            • Hestia Support Coordination
            • Holistic Home Care
            • IDEAL Plan Management
            • Ignite Community Network
            • Inclusion WA
            • Infinite Ability
            • Independent Living Assessment
            • Independent life plan management
            • Indigo Solutions
            • Interchange Inc
            • Interface Orthotics
            • KONEC Healthcare
            • Life Ready Mobile
            • Life Without Barriers
            • Lifestyle Solutions
            • Maxima Joblink
            • Manage It
            • Meaningful Movement
            • Midlas
            • More Opportunities
            • Mosaic Community Care
            • My Supports
            • Nascha Incorporated
            • NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission
            • Neighbourhood Care
            • Nulsen Group
            • Nurse Assist247
            • One2One
            • ORS
            • OSKA
            • Patches Australia
            • Paediatric Nursing Services and 360 Community Limited
            • People 1st Programme (PIP)
            • Perth Care Services
            • Perth Health and Care Services
            • Perth Surgical Shoemakers & Wembley Shoes
            • Perth's A-Z Handyman Services
            • Plan Navigators
            • Plan Partners
            • PlanCare
            • Pride Disability Services Pty Ltd
            • Programmed Care
            • Proudly Productive and I'm Online
            • PWdWA
            • Quest Apartment Hotels
            • RizeUp
            • RISE NETWORK
            • Rocky Bay
            • Senses
            • Spinal Life Australia
            • St Jude's Health Care Services
            • State Wide Community Services Pty Ltd
            • Stay-Well Disability Services
            • Stress Less Cleaning Group
            • Tourettes Association of Australia
            • Therapy and Governance
            • Therapy Focus
            • Therapy Inclusive
            • TopLine Clothes Lines
            • Top End Allied Health Services
            • Unicare Health
            • Uniting WA
            • WA Blue Sky
            • WizeTherapy
            • Yorgum Healing Services
            • Your Beat Music HQ
            Connection Sessions with Service Providers
            Want to sit down and talk to some of the Service Providers over the two days of Expo 2021?
            • Don’t just walk past tables and gather pamphlets.
            • Meeting spaces with an online booking facility to make appointments with participating Providers you would like to speak to directly will be available each day.
            • Arrange a sit down and talk to some potential Providers to find that perfect fit for you.
            • Providers with capacity will have 20-30 minute appointment times. Attendees can book on either of the two days to find out more in a safe and no-pressure setting.
            • Travelling around having meetings with different Providers usually takes time . Meet a few on the same day and make it a little easier to compare and find the right ones for you.

            This might be your chance to find that great option you have been looking for!

            We Keep Everyone Posted
            At Developing Australian Communities, we continuously widen our reach to provide our community with the latest information about our events.