Creating a voice for the Disability Sector
Creating a voice for the Disability Sector

One&All Hub

We are excited to announce One&All Hub has joined us as Platinum Sponsor for the Sydney Disability Connection Expo 2022!

Imagine a place where people of all abilities can gather to nurture their creativity - well, that is exactly what Sydney-based non-profit organisation One&All does!

One&All is an NDIS-registered creative hub, an all-inclusive community centre, a place to shine, located in Rosebery, in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.

It focuses on empowering young adults, 18+ of all abilities, highlighting each individual’s unique qualities and potential.

Our community is blown away by what One&All is offering and simply can’t get enough!

The Hub runs ongoing therapy-aligned workshops focusing on art, movement, and health.

One&All’s mission is to help and to heal through the creative process using a variety of modalities such as meditation, yoga, visual arts, ceramics, music, movement, dance, gardening and social enterprise.

One of their volunteers, Natalie Bolel, said: One&All founded by Romy Wolman is a dream come true for people of all abilities. It is an inclusive, inviting, and dignified space for those with a passion for the creative arts, theatre, gardening, sport and much more. It is here that you will experience a unique opportunity to embrace one another and to change the world in a truly inclusive environment. We come together here to create, to socialize, to laugh, to meditate, to relax and to embrace the fullness of true inclusion regardless of ability. It is here that each persons’ uniqueness is celebrated. Mostly, it a safe and happy place to just be oneself.

One&All believes difference is a strength, not a weakness, and we should aim to create societies where opportunities exist for all. The power of what One&All produces is simply amazing. Watch this talented young poet, Milla Wolman, recite her DIFability Slam poem.

It is a place where you can be inspired and feel safe, fulfilled, and respected. A place to socialise, form and strengthen meaningful friendships.

This is exactly what Cheryl Spinak testified to after she attended one of One&All’s social events: The atmosphere was filled with pure joy, love and happiness. We all were made to feel so welcome and SPECIAL. The love and care was overwhelming. We ate pizza and l and was offered refreshments constantly. We gathered around each other and became instant friends… we then danced to beautiful hand-picked music which resonated with us all. The genuine love and care and freedom to enjoy life in these trying times that we are facing today in the world all around us was forgotten for a while.

If you are NDIS-funded you will need to complete an intake assessment with One&All before you can attend their program. During this assessment, staff will talk about your needs and goals so they can gain a deeper understanding of your requirements for support before you participate.

The passionate staff want to ensure everyone who participates in the hub’s programs feels included, fulfilled and empowered to create, socialise, and up-skill.

Yvonne Ujvary was thrilled by her first visit to the Hub: Went here today for the first time to see what is on offer and was blown away. The Hub is a welcoming, spacious, creative centre where people can embrace all sorts of activities, such as pottery, art, craft, music, gardening (and so much more) in a safe, caring environment. May it grow from strength to strength!!

The Hub brings together individuals, families, carers, support workers, artists, and volunteers who are passionate about creating lasting change for people with disability and mental health challenges.

The Program

One&All’s program (9:30am-3:30pm) consists of workshops that can be attended for a half day or a full day at the Hub in Rosebery, Sydney.

They have a plan that works for you, whether you are an NDIS participant or a non-NDIS participant, whether you can afford to stay just a day or come back again and again!

A workshop is a 1-2-hour session which runs for 8 weeks. It is a creative engagement experience facilitated by an expert in the field.

The Hub’s workshops have been designed in collaboration with allied health professionals to ensure participants receive therapeutic benefits and have positive outcomes.

The current Workshops offer flexibility and choice of modalities: Wellbeing (meditation, yoga, healthy living, connecting with nature), The Wonderful World of Painting (painting), Claymates (hand building pottery), Sustainable Enterprise (gardening, eco-dyeing, pickling), Mosaic Magic (mosaic images), Blissful Beading (beading), Raise Your Voice (singing).

Outcomes include:

  • Creative development
  • Skill building
  • Capacity building
  • Social engagement
  • Authentic community engagement
  • Product development through social enterprise.

The organisation’s exciting journey to transform its 400sqm space in Rosebery into an inclusive creative hub started in 2018, when One&All was founded by Romy Wolman in collaboration with Jewish House. The idea was inspired by Kibbutz Kishorit, a therapeutic community supporting special needs in Israel.

Despite the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Hub’s entrepreneurial team stepped up to keep the ball rolling. The space was renovated, programs created, and a dynamic community of artists and supporters were brought together to have the Hub ready to receive participants. This all happened at a time when people most needed social connection and inclusion.

Even those who work there can’t get enough, as Jodi Gelbart attests: Working for this amazing organisation is beyond fulfilling and inspiring. To attend events and witness the integration of all abilities, is truly heartwarming! To witness the joy on the participants’ faces at the workshop sessions, networking and socialising, and simply being, is incredible! One&all is what community needs and finally it is here!!

How exciting to have such a vibrant organisation join us as a sponsor for the International Convention Centre Sydney on July 1 and 2. We can’t wait to catch up with them to find out more!

Don’t forget, you can still register for your FREE entry to come and chat with the passionate One&All Hub team yourself - visit to register!

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