Creating a voice for the Disability Sector
Creating a voice for the Disability Sector

Alpha Carers Australia

Making lives better, by going further and caring more is the mission Alpha Carers Australia pursues each and every day.

They stand for ‘quality of life’, even for those where the complexity of their care or support needs is deemed ‘too hard’. Their priority is to provide a great experience and sense of 'belonging' for their participants.

Having Alpha Carers Australia as a Perth Disability Connection Expo ‘23 - Major Sponsor will bring a smile to thousands of expo faces!

Alpha Carers Australia deliver exceptionally high standards for their participants needing complex or high intensity supports.

Ensuring people living with disability have full and active participation in society while remaining well and safe despite even relying on life support systems such as ventilators. Alpha Carers Australia continues to shine a light on these disability rights issues - accessibility, safety, community acceptance, independent living and quality of life.

As a registered NDIS provider Alpha Carers Australia partners with many agencies and support networks across the Perth Metro and regional areas bringing much needed support and relief to people living with disability and their support network.

Man in a ventilator

Their caring expert team are ever so proud of their ability to offer support services that include 24/7 Registered nurse oversight towards your achieving optimal health, independence and ultimately quality of life. Nursing services to persons who live with multiple, complex or specialist needs and conditions. These may be behavioural, medical or physical even up to persons living with life extending or sustaining mechanisms such as tracheostomies, enteral feeding tubes, mechanical ventilators etc.

Skilled ,competent and experienced in looking after all forms of acute or chronic conditions causing various levels of disability, such as : Brain injury, Spinal injury, Stroke, MND, MS or Cerebral Palsy. Their skills and competence extend to caring, managing and supporting you through the medical and nursing complications that usually feature and accompany these conditions.

Alpha Carers Australia has more recently partnered with PhysioMechanics & Rehab to offer on-site allied-health interventions and services tailored and readily available to increase and improve your wellbeing.

At the comfort of your home or within their spacious complex of group homes: Alpha Carers Australia could be your long-term solution.

Alpha Carers Australia' nurse guiding the man with their activity

Nestled within minutes of the heart of Perth and surrounded by a multitude of amenities, Alpha Carers Australia has grown to the extent of owning facilities designed to enable you to experience the feeling of 'being at home'.

Supported Independent Living (SIL) in our shared accommodation homes.

  • Respite accommodation with supports
  • Permanent placement
  • Transitional accommodation
  • STA (Short Term Accommodation)
  • MTA (Medium Term Accommodation)
  • Group home options

If you strongly believe that your chosen place of residence should provide a sense of belonging, comfort, and security, then do take up this opportunity to access a range of living and lifestyle options, with Alpha Carers Australia, packaged, designed, and delivered to meet your preference and needs.

Alpha Carers Australia

At Alpha Carers Australia , they know and understand that making the most of life means more than just surviving. It is this knowledge and passion that motivated the establishment of Alpha Carers Australia, coupled with a deep desire to meet the growing demand for quality disability support services in WA. An undertaking which has seen Alpha Carers Australia grow into a recognised `go-to ` provider of complex care and `high intensity` supports.

We are thrilled to be able to say that Alpha Carers Australia is a Major Sponsor at our Perth Disability Connection Expo ‘23.

Alpha Carers Australia
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