Creating a voice for the Disability Sector
Creating a voice for the Disability Sector
Vaccination navigation minefield for isolated and those in the disability sector

Vaccination navigation minefield for isolated and those in the disability sector

14 September 2021

How do you go about getting your COVID-19 vaccination if you can’t leave your home or get out of bed?

Most people would just pick up the phone to their GP, or consult Google or hit up their carers or support people for the answer, and that’s a good starting point but in some instances it is not that easy.

Now, the obvious first port of call is your GP. In all states and territories in Australia there are doctor surgeries and clinics approved to go to homes and administer the COVID vaccines.

Easy. BUT what if your GP isn’t one of those registered and what if, in the case of regional Australian communities in particular, other clinics have closed their books and are not accepting new patients, let alone do home visits?

What then?

A simple Google search “how do I receive my COVID vaccination if I can’t leave my house or bed Australia” yields nothing but confusion and more questions but does not point anyone in the right direction.

So, I thought I’d take the distress out of the equation for those unable to leave their homes or beds, do the research and hand you the solutions on a platter.

It was interesting ...

First point of call - the Australian Government Department of Health website. Sooo much information but it doesn't help me with this specific topic. Each state has their own dedicated website for health and COVID but, again, not helpful for this problem.

So, I bit the bullet, picked up the phone and called the National Coronavirus Helpline on 1800 020 080.

If you ever do - be prepared for a long wait. They are flooded with calls and your progress through the queue will be slow.

But, after almost an hour, I got through to a very helpful young lady, and would you believe it - she didn’t have the answers. Not at her fingertips anyway but she did remember routing out a similar solution for a caller a while back ….

Fifteen minutes of roadblocks, wrong turns and going around in circles she finally finds what she was looking for - Go to your GP.

The young lady resorted to more keyboard searching.

Next point of call is your local Primary Health Network, in all states and territories, or even your NDIS providers, if your GP can’t vaccinate you at home or tell you who can.

She passed along a couple of helpful links or contacts for you, but really, reach out to your GP first - they know you best and will help you find an easier solution than navigating websites and waiting on hold for an answer that may or may not be forthcoming.

If you are still struggling, and I hope you aren’t, call on your Local Area Coordinator or Support Coordinator.

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