Creating a voice for the Disability Sector
Creating a voice for the Disability Sector
Shane’s story - ACALS Assisting People To Navigate NDIS

Shane’s story - ACALS Assisting People To Navigate NDIS

08 June 2023

Accessible Care and Lifestyle Services (ACALS) is a NDIS registered support care service based in Sydney who work hard to provide an ongoing personalised approach with all their clients. They have a reliable network of experts that bring joy and achievement to their participants' lives. ACALS assist their clients with care team leaders, service advisors, case managers, coordinators and all community care services.

Staff at Accessible Care and Lifestyle Services know “Those who are new to navigating NDIS, may not have the information or understanding on how to effectively utilise their plan.” ACALS understand the challenges that participants face when trying to find quality services that suit their circumstances. Knowing this, they make sure they are equipped and ready to deliver the highest quality of services and care to participants.

Shane’s story reflects this personalised assistance ACALS offers their clients. Shane was badly injured in a motorcycle accident and suffered an AVM (arteriovenous malformation) causing him to suffer from brain damage and a stroke. Shane then spent ten years trying to access the workforce and it took two years for him to access a pension. He said he did not know about NDIS until someone pointed him in the right direction. He adds, “in my view, NDIS is the best thing the government has come up with.”

He attends Accessible Care and works to renovate old wooden furniture in their Upcycle Recycle program. He reports “the staff are very approachable and that nothing is too much trouble for them.” He says “they are real people and interested in me. They genuinely put people on the right track.”

Accessible Care wants to support all their clients to live as independently as possible while making sure they maintain their freedom of choice. ACALS will help create a set of services tailored for every client’s exact circumstances.

Visit the friendly team from ACALS at the Sydney Disability Connection Expo on 16th and 17th June 2023. You can register here for the Expo! You also don’t want to miss their exciting offer of an entire week free of their Capacity Building program! Find out more here and don’t forget to register!


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