Creating a voice for the Disability Sector
Creating a voice for the Disability Sector
Preparing to create your NDIS plan

Preparing to create your NDIS plan

07 April 2022

Once you’ve been approved for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), you must then work on your plan to determine your goals and services you may receive. If you are new to the NDIS this process may be a bit daunting, so here’s a few tips from us to ease you through the process.

We hope it helps!

Every person who accesses the NDIS scheme will receive an NDIS Plan.

This plan identifies the reasonable services that the person requires to support their independence and social and economic participation, as well as their individual funding package.

The NDIS will use the information about your existing disability supports to begin to develop your first plan. An NDIA (National Disability Insurance Agency) representative will then talk to you and/or your nominee to consider any gaps or unmet needs in your current supports and how they link to your goals.

They will ask questions about how you are going in different areas of your life. This will help us to develop a plan that provides the right support for you.

If possible, they will also interview a family member, to see how they are going as well.

The following are examples of questions you may be asked, so have a think about some of them before going in to the meeting:

  • Your personal details
  • Your community and mainstream supports
  • How to manage every day activities
  • Your safety, including equipment, accommodation or help to take care of yourself or your home
  • The goals you want to pursue
  • Ways to manage your plan
  • The support you need to use your NDIS plan.

Your planning meeting may take place in an office or over the telephone.

Be prepared…

Before a telephone planning meeting, have a look though the following tips.

  1. Ensure you have downloaded and completed Booklet 2 - Planning. Download it here. It’s got some really useful tips and tricks that help you understand what planning is with the NDIS.
  2. Think about your current support - friends, family, support workers etc at home, school and at work or in the community.
  3. Think about your goals. When thinking about your goals, think about the outcomes that you want to look at for the duration of your plan and what outcomes you want to achieve with your NDIS support.
  4. Choose the different ways to manage your NDIS plan: Self-management, plan management and agency management. In your planning meeting, you can talk with your planner or your local area coordinator or your early childhood partner about all of these different ways. You can also refer to the Planning Booklet.
  5. Get your paperwork ready (reports and assessments etc) and take it with you/have it with you. You want to help your planner understand as much about you as possible. They need to understand the functional impact of your disability and the personal circumstances of your everyday life.

You also may wish to have a family member or a friend with you during the call or meeting.

Don’t be afraid to ask the NDIS representative to repeat anything you didn’t understand. Remember, you can always email them later so ensure you have that email address before ending the call or meeting.

If you have an early childhood partner or Local Area Coordinator (LAC) from an NDIS partner organisation, they will be in contact with you to discuss your plan, help you access support and talk about your goals with you.

For those who will be helped by a support coordinator, your plan will include funding for a support coordinator to help you implement your plan. Once your plan is approved, they will contact you to discuss your plan, help you access support and discuss how you will work towards your goals.

For participants who are self-managed - You will be contacted by the NDIS once your plan is approved and they will talk to you or your nominee about the opportunities and responsibilities of self-managing your plan.

At the end of your planning conversation they will talk about the next steps, including how your plan will be reviewed and how to start using the funding in your plan.

Remember, your NDIS plan is yours.

You can choose who you share the details of your plan with, including if you would like to share your plan with anyone other than your providers, for example with a doctor or family member.


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