Creating a voice for the Disability Sector
Creating a voice for the Disability Sector
National Practice Review Framework to lift quality and safety

National Practice Review Framework to lift quality and safety

02 September 2021

Developed in response to recommendations made in the review of the causes and contributors to deaths in people with disability the Practice Review Framework and resources aim to support a culture of incident prevention.

A practice review is a reflective process that explores a chosen issue or area of practice to inform improvement. Case study examples in the factsheets give an indication of how providers can use the Practice Review Framework .

Examples include reviewing safe mealtimes for all participants in response to “near misses”; and looking into service provision in a shared SDA home following multiple family complaints.

Guidance on supporting participants and staff in the practice review process may reinforce and extend how providers include people with disability in reviewing and improving service delivery.

Practice reviews are designed to complement the regulatory obligations of providers. Regardless of a provider’s size, scope and experience, the Framework can be used as a roadmap to integrate practice reviews into existing quality management and continuous improvement activities.

When should a provider do a practice review?

The Commission includes resources about when to do a practice review in response to possible indicators and triggers; and when seeking to build a practice review culture.

NDS offers a series of films on developing Positive Cultures that can support conversations about issues identified in Practice Reviews.

What are the steps involved in a practice review?

Resources on who to involve in a practice review includes:

  • Who should lead a practice review?
  • Identifying people to participate in practice reviews

Partnering with people with disability, staff, and other stakeholders is a key focus of practice reviews. Factsheets relating to the steps involved in a practice review include:

  • Consulting with people with disability during a practice review
  • Engaging people in practice reviews
  • How to do a practice review
  • Questions and prompts to use in a practice review with people with disability

Reflective practice

When a practice review is complete providers may wish to consider lessons learnt. The Commission offers reflection exercises for after a practice review for:

  • Decision makers
  • Practice review participants
  • Reviewers

NDS will advise members when further materials for Practice Reviews are created. Links to current resources can be found on NDS’s NDIS Quality and Safeguards Resource hub.

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