Creating a voice for the Disability Sector
Creating a voice for the Disability Sector
Grattan House offers accommodation right in Melbourne’s heart

Grattan House offers accommodation right in Melbourne’s heart

10 September 2021

Participants looking for rare Melbourne inner-city, short-term accommodation have a treat in store for them.

The former student accommodation property, Grattan House, has been turned into a short-term accommodation and assistance site in Carlton after the property’s former owner struggled to find students, particularly international students who were prevented from studying here due to COVID.

The Disability Company was originally looking for places it would create long term accommodation options and although Grattan House didn’t suit that, “when we saw it, Short-Term Accommodation was a glaring no-brainer,” a spokesperson said.

The Disability Company provides city-based short term accommodation and assistance, located at 16-20 Grattan Place, Carlton, which features 18 newly-renovated single bedrooms and six newly-renovated bathrooms across two floors.

DisabilityCo created this space to provide an urban respite experience for NDIS participants who want to take advantage of everything the city of Melbourne has to offer which means Grattan House is the perfect location for your next respite stay, or emergency accommodation.

Whether you are looking to participate in one of our respite experiences, or want to tailor something to fit your emergency accommodation needs, there is a service that will work for you.

Previously, if a participant wanted to have a city stay, they would have to pay for not only their hotel room but also their support workers, or possibly share a room with a support worker. Either option was costly or not ideal.

Within Grattan house independent living skills such a cooking and doing personal tasks like

Laundry can be built with both access to appliances and staff assistance.

Practicing independent living skills in a safe and comfortable environment makes for a smooth stay.

Grattan house also offers the opportunity for travel training within Melbourne, making learning about public transport, such as trams, in a fun and accessible way.

Located just off Lygon Street, the property has two sections that are split to

accommodate respite/city stay style care, and the emergency accommodation

section is a centrally-located site for those who find themselves between long term accommodation solutions.

With many rooms and space at Grattan house meeting friends and like-minded people couldn’t be easier.

DisabilityCo is proud to be a part of expanding the available options for those with

disabilities, bring more accessibility and opportunity for everyone.

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