Creating a voice for the Disability Sector
Creating a voice for the Disability Sector
Felicity Holistic Care - Case Study

Felicity Holistic Care - Case Study

10 January 2022

Glen is enjoying being part of day-to-day activities as part of her life at Felicity Holistic Care’s accommodation and has never been this happy.

Prior to that move, Glen’s niece Bree described her as very unhappy.

“We were having quite a few issues and we were extremely unhappy with the level of support being received,” Bree said.

“There were restrictive practices in place with which we were not informed about, and as a family we were not happy at all!!"

“We were unable to work with the support coordinator and found a new one who was wonderful." 

“After we explained to the support coordinator our problem and how we needed to move Glen urgently, she gave us Felicity Holistic Care’s contact details."

“From the first contact it took an eight-day turnaround to have a 24-hour roster in place and remove Glen from an unsafe environment, which was incredible!”

Bree praised the communication and inclusiveness Felicity Holistic Care offers Glen.

“The communication between us and Felicity Holistic Care has been great and very transparent from the get-go,” Bree said.

“We experience open communication, we ring and are responded to, and matters get resolved quickly - it is really good."

“One of the examples I would like to give: At the previous accommodation, we suspect/believe she used to be isolated in her bedroom and this has impacted her greatly as she is non-verbal."

“Since moving to Felicity Holistic Care, we found that staff are initiating getting her involved in day-to-day routines and not being left in her room only."

“The support received is great, staff think outside-the-box and initiate processes to help her."

“They are currently moving her bed in a different direction in her room, enabling her to see the hallway and know she is not isolated."

“Felicity Holistic Care overcame the challenges we had faced, by listening to us.”

Glen is now more content than she has ever been.

"Prior to moving Glen, we never saw her less than 10/10 for agitation,” she grateful added.

“Since moving her, she is so happy,” Bree said.

“Very seldom are there signs of agitation, and it is so good to walk in and see her happy - Glen will give us a smile and wants a kiss on the cheek!"

“We had never seen her like this before!”

Amy and her family’s comments are reflected in comments by other participants and relatives about Felicity Holistic Care’s staff, services and support.

Bree’s words are echoed in the many testimonials on Felicity’s website: Participants and their family members praise the staff and support offered.

Felicity Holistic Care is a registered NDIS provider, offering services from Supported Independent Living (SIL) and respite care to nursing care and every support and service in between throughout the Geelong and Werribee regions.

Their SIL is funding for supervising tasks of daily life in a shared living environment, either temporary or ongoing.

The funding for these items vary in the NDIS price guide and is dependent upon the level of support required, as well as the number of people living in the shared setting.

Respite care is another important focus at Felicity Holistic Care. If your regular carer is a family member or friend, you may want to take advantage of Felicity’s dedicated respite care options and centres to provide you both with a well-deserved break.

Felicity Holistic Care offers you the care you need at your stage of life.

The team partners with you, ensuring you can choose how they support you according to your unique needs.

“Our carers are trustworthy, reliable, and respectful that they are supporting you in your home. Our service is always friendly, personalised, and attentive,” the team says.

Contact them today to find out how they can be of service to you.

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