Creating a voice for the Disability Sector
Creating a voice for the Disability Sector
Be loud, be heard - Defend our NDIS

Be loud, be heard - Defend our NDIS

22 April 2022

Participants, their carers, family, friends and even providers and support workers have been urged to get behind the National Day of NDIS Action on Thursday, April 28.

Anyone who is involved in the disability sector has been asked to make a noise and help defend and protect the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) by either creating their own event or joining in another - and with a federal election looming, a day of action is vital.

The federal election is on May 21, and Every Australian Counts (EAC), the organisation behind this national campaign, claims the more voices the sector has, the louder it will be and the more politicians will have to listen to the stories which highlight the sorry state of the scheme and the fear, challenges and worry surrounding it. 

EAC is the grassroots campaign that fought for the introduction of the NDIS – and won. It is a community of hundreds of thousands of people with disability, their families and carers and those who support them, all working together to fight for a fair go for Australians with disability.

That’s why the AEC wants you, your family and friends to get involved by holding an event on April 28, contacting the media, or talking to your local MP or candidates to defend, save and protect the NDIS.

The more people who get involved, the better.

To find out how you can add your voice, head to and check out the events closest to you.

The AEC wants to ensure your concerns about the NDIS are heard loud and clear all across the country. So that each and every politician asking for your vote knows the NDIS needs action – urgently.

But the organisation also knows that people living with disability, families, advocates and workers have had a really exhausting few years, and everyone has different things to offer, so they are offering options so everyone can get involved in the way that works best for them

Can’t make it to a planned event on April 28? Then there are other ways to join the fight. You can:

Take action on NDIS cuts and appeals

There are far too many people with stories about NDIS cuts and appeals. The AEC wants to hear directly from you. The more people tell their story, the harder it is for politicians to ignore this problem. Share your NDIS cuts and appeals stories with the AEC here.

Buy a T-shirt or sticker to show your support

Buy a supportive T-shirt from the AEC. The organisation wants this campaign to be as loud and proud as possible, but they can’t do that without you! Check out the AEC’s online shop to find T-shirts and stickers to support the campaign and let everyone know you’re helping to defend our NDIS this election.

Share our social media content

Share social media content (the AEC’s are at Facebook and Twitter) with your friends and followers to help the AEC reach more people. Use the #NDIS and #DefendOurNDIS hashtags to help us all make a big impact together.

Create your own event

Here’s a few ideas to help you get started on your own Day of Action event on Thursday, April 28:

  • You might like to contact your local paper with your own story about the NDIS – and what you think needs to change
  • You could hold a stall in your local shopping centre or and ask people to take an #DefendOurNDIS pledge
  • If you are involved in a local organisation like a peer support group or advocacy organisation you could invite your local MP to your group that day and talk about the problems people are having – and what you think could be done about them.
  • Are you crafty, part of a knitting or a sewing circle, like to stitch things, have a maker session and get your message across in a creative way
  • You could host a meeting and invite your local MPs and candidates along to hear from your community, and answer questions about what they are going to do to #DefendOurNDIS if they are elected
  • Are you at uni or TAFE that day? You could hold a stall and ask people to sign the #DefendOurNDIS petition
  • Are you at work that day? You could chat to your colleagues over muffins or cake and tell them why the NDIS is so important to you. ask them to sign the #DefendOurNDIS petition
  • Up for something that really captures how frustrated you are? What about a public protest or rally?
  • Work with kids or crafty people? Why not get some cardboard boxes and make some #DefendOurNDIS shields or signs to display?
  • Letter box drop in your local area, and put posters up in popular local areas (where you’re allowed to) like the library or community centre noticeboard
  • What about a #DefendOurNDIS disco or dance?

These are just some really simple actions that would make a really big difference between now and the election but especially on April 28.

Everyone involved in the sector has to do something to make the politicians stand up and take notice of the sorry state of the NDIS.

Be loud. Be heard. Take action. Make the politicians listen.


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