Creating a voice for the Disability Sector
Creating a voice for the Disability Sector

Brisbane Disability Connection Expo 2022

Sponsored by Holistic Horizons
  • Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre
  • 4th – 5th March 2022
  • 10am - 4pm both days
Holistic Horizons
Covid Free

Are you a Participant, Carer or Family Member looking to understand how to navigate the NDIS?


Join us for this amazing event for our sector in Expo 2022. It will be a welcome return to connecting people with Disabilities and NDIS Providers, Allied Health. Early Intervention and Disability/Complex Case Services for Aged and Child Care again after such a huge year of disconnect due to COVID-19.

NDIS Disability Service Provider, Early Invervention, Allied Health, Capacity Building, Therapeutic, Disability/Complex Case Services for Aged and Child Care. Visitors won't just browse tables! There will be an online booking system for Participants to book face-to-face meetings with Service Providers of their choice over the two days to find out more and see who may be a good fit for them.

Exhibitor numbers are limited and will sell out soon - Don’t miss out

Exhibitor Space
77 %
Till the event
Event Details
Glenelg St, South Brisbane QLD 4101,
Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre
4th – 5th March 2022
Quiet Time
10:00 am - 10:45 am
Free to Attend

Over 15,000 NDIS service providers Australia wide have been invited to exhibit in the 2022 Expo and numbers will be strictly limited.

Why is this a must-attend expo for service providers?

Increased ability
to stand out

With 15,000 Providers across the country, Participants are seeking to meet with people and build relationships with quality organisations.

Connect with more Participants

From our Q&A Concierge Desk, to our 1:1 Meeting rooms, to our online booking system, our expos have been optimised to increase connection and conversations between Providers and Participants.

Increased exposure

Attending as an exhibitor allows you to leverage our PR and Social Media campaigns, which reach over 5 million people every month.

Quality time with Participants

Our expos are designed to encourage people to stay longer. From balloon artists, face painters, jumping castles and hair braiders, combined with a spacious floor plan layout, the main feedback we receive from exhibitors is that people are less rushed and they spend more quality time with them.

  • Girl Writing On Freedom Wall
  • Exhibitors Together With Visitors
  • Bne Exhibtion
  • Blue Exhibitor Booth
  • Nmw Booth
  • Pirate Costumed Exhibitors
  • Two People Discussing
  • Three People Discussing
  • Spinal Life Booth

Meet our sponsors

Major Sponsors
  • Holistic Horizons
Platinum Sponsors
  • Greenleaf Disability Services
  • Support Care Angels
Gold Sponsors
  • DFM Financial Group
  • Afford
Event Participants
Sponsorship packages

Looking to stand
out even more?

We have a range of sponsor packages that further accelerate your ability to:

  • Increase your exposure through our PR and Social Media campaigns
  • Raise more awareness at our expos
  • Receive preferential booth selection and branding
  • Ability to engage more Participants and visitors

When you submit your registration enquiry, you will receive our detailed Sponsors Kit with a
detailed breakdown of our Sponsor Packages.

concierge desk

NDIS expert staff available on both days

You have the ability to get involved in the concierge team to meet more Participants. This team will be available on the day
(free for all those attending) to:

  • Support people new to NDIS, looking at applying to NDIS or approved.
  • Review and support those seeking to connect with the right services and options.
  • Answer any questions, especially if people aren’t sure what service options are out there, are unsure who to talk to, how to use their plan or would just like support on the day to find options and connect with some of those Service Providers attending.
  • Look through visitor NDIS plans if they aren’t sure of how they work and what they can use their funding on, what the different sections mean and help people find the options they have been looking for.
Visitors will find a team staffed by Support Coordinators and Professionals from various Service Providers in Queensland and around Australia. This is a free service and available over both days of the expo to the community.

There are no silly questions. The team will be there to support you.

DAC Concierge

What People are Saying


    "We have really grown our NDIS community since exhibiting at the service provider expo. We were able to meet likeminded businesses who we have worked with to ensure we are providing the best possible care for our participants."


    "As a result of being at the expo we have seen a significant increase in clients engaging with us for our complimentary Discovery Sessions in our clinics across WA and many clients have now onboarded to our services."

    Event Participants
    Exhibitors and displays from
    service providers

    We have invited and will be showcasing a diverse range of exhibitors:

    • Over 15,000 Service Providers, Professionals, Capacity Building Experts, Therapy, Early Intervention and Disability Focused Aged and Child Care options Australia-wide have been invited to exhibit.
    • Up to 200 exhibitor spaces will be available and there will be a diverse range for you to find that perfect fit option for you, your loved ones, or those you support or work with.
    • There will also be a focus on resource options, equipment and therapeutic services.
    • The more diverse the range of Service Providers, the more valuable and attractive the expo is for Participants and visitors.

    Expo visibility

    PR / Social Media / Local Support Groups

    We have engaged a National PR firm to ensure our expos get full media coverage throughout Australia to increase opportunities to bring our community the best Service Providers we can and ensure maximum attendance over the full two days.

    Strategies are in place to engage local community and networking groups to raise awareness of the expos in all regions.

    Following the major success of our Brisbane Service Provider & Participant Connection Expo 2021 Presented by Afford, we have created a Post-Expo Report, which showcases:

    • Summary of the marketing efforts
    • Number of attendees and exhibitors
    • Improvements to make all future expos even better

    Brisbane Disability Connection Expo 2021 Report

    2 Events

    172 Exhibitors

    6,555 Visitors

    thumbs up

    50K Social Reach

    14M Media Reach

    Countless Opportunities

    The Brisbane Disability Connection Expo 2021 presented by Afford was held at the Brisbane Expo and Exhibition Centre on Friday, April 30th and Saturday, May 1st, 2021. The Expo provided an environment in which participants, parents, carers and NDIS service providers could connect and engage. More than 170 providers as well as a tailored Concierge service were on hand to help attendees navigate the complexities of the NDIS. With a combined PR and social media reach of over 17.52 million pople, over the two days 3,482 visitors attended the Expo. With 79% of visitors and 73% of exhibitors rating their experience of 8 or above out of 10. Through our Expo Gala Dinner, we also managed to raise $18,570 for RizeUp and The Tourette Syndrome Association of Australia.

    Confirmed service providers

    • A2Z Care Plus
    • Ability Consultants
    • Abilifly Support Services
    • Active Kids Physiotherapy Services
    • Accord Care Qld
    • Advocacy
    • Afford
    • AiiM CHOICES
    • Allied Family Physiotherapy
    • Angels on Duty Disability Services
    • Aspire Hub
    • ASAP Solutions
    • Atwork Australia
    • Aussie Angels
    • Australian Communities
    • Australian Inclusion Network
    • Avas Support
    • Avante Australia
    • Belinda Allen & Co Consulting
    • Better Life Home Care
    • Better Rehab
    • Blissful Health Australia
    • Bocchetta Plush Toys
    • BodySmart Health
    • Brain Care
    • FITCare Support Services
    • Focus Queensland
    • Foresight Fitness
    • Freedom Motors Australia
    • Candeece Coordination
    • Certifii
    • Churches Of Christ Housing Services
    • Charity 1
    • Charity 2
    • Complete Living Choice
    • Connect4U Australia
    • CRAMLI Australia
    • Cultural Perspectives
    • DAC
    • Department of Communities
    • DFM Financial Group
    • Disabled Friendships
    • Disability Network Services
    • Down Syndrome QLD
    • DPS Publishing
    • Dwelcom
    • Encara
    • Endotherapeutics
    • Everhomes
    • Everybody Ebikes
    • First Step Solutions
    • Focal Community Services
    • Fezzy's Professional Care & Pest Control
    • First2Care
    • First Access Support Services
    • Foot Faults Podiatry
    • Forward Steps Mobility
    • Get Going Support
    • Get Real International
    • Get Readii Group
    • Good Vibes
    • Greenleaf Care Group
    • Guide Dogs Queensland
    • h1Healthcare
    • Headway ABI
    • Health N Home
    • Healthy Emporium
    • HireUp
    • Holistic Home care
    • Holistic Horizons Support Services
    • Home Caring
    • Hospequip
    • Housing Hub
    • HYPAR Group
    • ICM Project Solutions
    • IDEAL Plan Management
    • Inclusive Disability Assist
    • Insideoutside Dance
    • Interact Australia
    • Integr8 Psych
    • Instinct CBT
    • Integrity Care & Support
    • Individualised Lifestyle Support Services
    • JRA Plan Management
    • Just Loving Care
    • Kameleon Group
    • KARE Support Services
    • KB CARE
    • Kiddo
    • Kinkera Community
    • Kingdom Assistance Providers
    • Kindred Music Therapy
    • Let’s Connect Support Services
    • Lifestyle Solutions
    • Lifeful Coordination and Management
    • LifeTec Australia
    • Lite n' Easy
    • Living Communities
    • loop+
    • Local Personalised Services
    • Love Your Pain
    • Magenta Community Services
    • Maple Community Services
    • Mater at Home
    • McArthur Community Care
    • Mercy Community NDIS Indiv Supports
    • Metanoia Rays
    • Micah Projects
    • Microguard
    • Mobile Attendant Care Service - MACS
    • Momentum Collective
    • MS Queensland
    • My Family Support Services
    • My Health Team Redcliffe
    • My Choice Disability Support
    • Musicare Redcliffe
    • National 360
    • NDIS
    • Nordin Investments ATF Okavango Family Trust t/a Bocchetta Plush Toys
    • Nourish'd Meal Company
    • NWM Innovations
    • On Track Therapy & Coaching
    • Palmville Group Homes
    • Pathological Demand Avoidance Australia Inc.
    • Peak Plan Management
    • People of Peony
    • Performance Health
    • Positive Behaviour Support
    • Pride Disability Services
    • QLD Orthotics & Podiatry
    • Qld Rehab
    • Real Community Services
    • Relationships Australia
    • Royalty Healthcare
    • Sapphire Support
    • Scenic Sensory
    • Sana Living
    • Safeguards
    • SDA Australia Group
    • SDA Services
    • Sleepy's
    • Special Olympics
    • Solace Sleep
    • Speech and Language Development Australia
    • STAR Community Services
    • St John Ambulance QLD
    • St. Jude's Disability Services
    • Support Embrace Connect
    • Supported Travel eXperiences
    • Supported Care
    • Support Care Angels
    • Supreme Community Care
    • Tea-Cup Cottage & For Care
    • Tender Loving Care Disability Services
    • The Advocator
    • Total Life Choice
    • Top End Allied Health Services
    • The Disability Housing Centre
    • The Sheltered Nest
    • The ORCA Project - Wesley Mission Qld
    • The Therapy Collective
    • Thrive365
    • Total Support Services
    • Trevena Glen Farm
    • Trusted Care
    • Vera Living
    • VIP Access
    • Wallara Australia
    • Wheelie Good Productions
    • Wheelnutz Garage
    • Wise Employment
    • Worker Screening
    • Your Plan Management
    • YNA

    Our national events

    Brisbane Expo 2022

    Brisbane Disability Connection Expo 2022

    Sponsored by Holistic Horizons
    4th – 5th March 2022
    Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre
    Perth Expo 2022

    Perth Disability Connection Expo 2022

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    20th – 21st May 2022
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    Sydney Expo 2022

    Sydney Disability Connection Expo 2022

    Presented by Afford
    1st - 2nd July 2022
    International Convention Centre Sydney
    Melbourne Expo 2023

    Melbourne Disability Connection Expo 2023

    Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

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